2020/2021 Tournament  Results

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Lake Camanche 2/14/2021

1st Place Andrew Hollenbach with 10.53 pounds

2nd Place Evan Yastko with 8.52 pounds

3rd Place Bryden Merrill with 8.44 pounds

4th Place Ian Ludwig with 3.82 pounds and Big Fish of the tournament with a 2.7 pound Bass

5th Place Malachi Ingram with 2 pounds

6th Place Michaela Schmidgall with 1.9 pounds

7th Place Trevor Hill with 1.45 pounds

8th Place Garrett Mann with 1.19 pounds

9th Place

Hailee Friss

Anthony Vierra 

Noah Warthan

Ian Smylie

Cody Smiley

Domanic Zanetta

Jaxson Silveria

New Hogan 1/31/21

1st place and Big Fish Anthony Vierra with 2.01 pounds

2nd place Jaxon Silveria with 1.99 pounds

3rd place Ian Ludwig with 1.67 pounds

4th place Noah Warthan with 1.51 pounds

5th place Domanic Zanetta with 1.42

6th place Evan Yatsko

7th place Andrew Hollenbach with 1.08 pounds

8th place Trevor Hill with 0.89 pounds

9th place

Hailee Friss

Cody Smylie

Ian Smylie

Jayden Love

Luke DeJong

Michaela Schmidgall

Van Donath

Brayden Merrill

Connor Jones

Carli Jones

Lake McClure 11/14/2020

1st place Trevor Hill with 6.38 pounds

2nd place Evan Yatsko with 5.25 pounds

3rd place Domanic Zanetta with 4.68 pounds and Big Fish of 2.38 pounds

4th place Brialyn Anderson with 4.68cpounds

5th place Jaxon Silveira with 3.06 pounds

6th place Noah Warthan with 2.75 pounds

7th place Hailee Friss with 2.75 pounds

8th place Ian Ludwig with 2.01 pounds

9th place Carli Jones with 1.22 pounds

10th place Parker Lewis with 1.06 pounds

11th place Ryan Cipriani with 1.04 pounds

12th place Michaela Schmidgall with 0.94 pounds

12th place Dustin Newman with 0.94 pounds

14th place Andrew Hollenbach with 0.86 pounds

14th place Brayden Merrill with 0.86 pounds

16th place Luke De Jong with 0.81 pounds

17th place Van Donath with 0.72 pounds

18th place

Jayden Love

Ian Smylie

Cody Smylie

Anthony Vierra

Cale Brassfield

Raymond Anaya

Malachi Ingram

Cameron Cipriani

Gage Lewis  

Don Pedro 10/18/2020

1st Place Hailee Friss with 7.19 Pounds and Big Fish with a 2.62 pound Bass

2nd Place Malachi Ingram with 4.71 Pounds

3rd Place Parker Lewis with 2.96 Pounds

4th Place Andrew Hollenbach with 2.62 Pounds

5th Place Jayden Love with 2.32 Pounds

6th Place Evan Yatsko with 2.18 Pounds

7th Place Chase Hernandez with 1.87 Pounds

8th Place Raymond Anaya with 1.80 Pounds

9th Place Michaela Schmidgall with 1.29 Pounds

10th Place Brayden Merrill with 1.11 Pounds

11th Place Trevor Hill with 0.92 pounds

12th Place DJ Lewis with 0.87 pounds

13th Place

Anthony Vierra

Noah Warthan

Gage Lewis

Cody Smylie 

Ian Smylie

Jaxon Siliveria

Gerritt Mann

Brailyn Anderson

Cameron Cipriani

Ryan Cipriani

Ian Ludwig

Cale Brassfield

Dustin Newman

Connor Jones

Carli Jones

Domanic Zanetta